Looking to the past to find ways to make it through the present.

The pressures facing society in ancient cultures meant that uncertainty shadowed their every step. In their unpredictable time, they looked for leadership in the teachings of their day. The teachings they clung to can give us, like it did them, two touch-points of security on our travels in uncertain times. They are like pitons securing you to the rock face as you journey towards the summit.

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So if you don’t know how to walk into your day tomorrow, you need these touch-points. If you are unsure of how to navigate moments of crisis, you need these touch-points. …

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Insights into the characteristics of leaders and companies that last.

There are companies that last and many more that don’t. You want to be in the former category.

There are leaders who survive and many more that don’t. Again, you want to be in the former category.

So how do you know if you will?

You have to do the seemingly impossible. You have to stay the same. And you have to change. You have to stand firm in who you are and remain open to who you can be. Easier said than done.

I recently had my paradigm of life flipped. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. I was enlightened…

The place and power of good friends

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Writing is a terrifying experience. In a moment, with the simple click of a button, you’re innermost thoughts become exposed to the world. Immediately, you become vulnerable to the grand murderer of creativity: needless critique.

This thought alone keeps many from ever putting fingers to keys or pen to paper. Regardless of the depth of knowledge they may have to share, many shut the computer despite the powerful story they need to express. The slightest potential of being so intimately known by strangers who may or may not like what you write is crippling.

Yet, writing is not the only…

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The powerful difference between escaping hardships and coping with them.

Life is hard. It throws us knuckleballs and forces us to respond. Most of the time we are ready. Sometimes, we aren’t.

How do you know if you’re handling things the right way when the path gets difficult. Simple. Do this:

Rise above the chaos and confusion for a moment. Picture yourself 10 years from now around the campfire with close friends. What stories do you want to tell about this time? What stories do you want to tell your children and future loved ones about your past dealings with hardships?

If there is a tinge of shame or embarrassment…

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A brief reflection in the middle of heavy times.

The scene is iconic. Rolling hills leading up to snow-peaked mountains. The mist is crawling through the evergreen valleys. And up ahead on the trail, danger is about to strike.

A group of hikers strolls along at a leisure pace and one of them slips. They slide down the side of the mountain trail, clawing for something to grab on to. Something of substance. Something to give them security and safety until rescue comes.

The daring rescue ensues and the audience in the theater sighs in relief. …

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How I’m using new words to take me to new worlds.

You might be more creative than you think. And you can be more creative than you are. Thankfully, we can grow our creative ability. And we need to because if we aren’t, we’re selling ourselves short and coming up empty.

The Need For Creativity

The world forces us to troubleshoot in a moment. It demands we make judgments in an instant. If you struggle to be creative, you can feel at a loss. Not only is creativity crucial for survival, but it is also topping the charts for desired traits in the workplace.

In our world today, creativity is king. And if you’re not…

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How to keep going when life throws you off

I was a towering 5’2” as I strolled to the batter’s box. To say I was “underdeveloped” entering high school is an understatement. I was short and slim. But I could play baseball. Now, I wasn’t great. But I knew the rules and made the roster of my freshmen team. Well, to be honest, so did almost everyone else who showed up to the first practice.

I played baseball for years in leagues for little kids cleverly named “little leagues.” But I wasn’t prepared for this. Before I took my at-bat, the opposing team’s coach came to the pitcher’s mound…

A lesson learned from the Bible’s account of Creation

There is something we all know to be true: teamwork makes the dream work. From helpful products to delicious meals, board room meetings to entrepreneurial enterprises, collaboration is a necessary component. Take everyday products for example. My laptop, notebook, and watch are all comprised of a diverse arrangement of individual working parts. When any of the parts are broken or missing, the collection suffers and becomes ineffective and in need of repair. It malfunctions and ceases to perform as it was intended. Similarly, the health and success of the employees and products within organizations require all components to work together…

& The Double Edge Sword of A Thomas the Train Philosophy

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On the Island of Sodor, there is a rampant theology and philosophy that fuels the engines of the famously personified trains. The trains appear gleeful until they become “cross” with someone for some form of mischief, and thus ensues the generic outline of (almost) every children’s show plot line. As an aside, it’s clear that behavior modification drives the writers for most of these children shows, sadly, but I digress. The question I am somehow finding myself deeply wrestling with in my own life is one that is unequivocally adhered to, believed, and solicited at every turn of the rails…

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I love being a dad. It’s a wonderful and glorious opportunity to get the privilege to nurture, care for, and teach your children. But I love the moments when they teach me even more. As a dad, I love the thought of giving my son some decision-making options and leadership opportunities in our family. But he’s four, so sometimes I find myself enduring my son’s desires as a result of my idealistic endeavor. This means that sometimes being a dad leaves me barreling up a steep hill carrying a bike and a baby sister because in one of these “ideal”…

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